1st real day with Mr. Eddie Foster!

To be perfectly honest, this title should really be changed to fostersmommy. Yes, after spending less than 24 hours with this little one, I think I have what he needs to live a very loved life… Full time. I’ve only had about 3 hrs of sleep for the past two nights but I was a trooper and spent the entire day running puppy errands with Foster. I plan on including all the details in tomorrow’s blog but right now I need to just breathe for a bit. 🙂


Day 1: Pre-Pick Up

So it’s just before 3pm on Saturday 2/8/14 and I arrive at the gym for my last workout, before my lil pup arrives in Los Angeles! 3 hours until I finally meet “Mr.Foster”. His name has been changed a few times (Goofy, Edgar) on the pet finder sites, so my rescue contact told me I could go ahead and rename him. After looking at “Foster’s” profile, it was obviously that he was indeed a little model. I’m not kidding. 4 totally different shots and he is absolutely, without a doubt posing… Hehe, he’ll fit right in, here in Hollywood proper. The rescue had scooped this little one up in Ensenada, Mexico after he was found roaming the streets, completely matted up, starving, skinny and very dirty. The rescue cleaned him up, got him groomed and gave this little boy some food!!! My contact created a video as I had requested and wow, what a well adjusted, wonderfully behaved, smart as a whip, cute little puppy. I am beyond excited to spoil this “fur baby” with all the love and attention he missed out on, for that first year of his life. This is some of the what’s described on his online profile; He is a purebred, neutered, housebroken, well adjusted, super smart, “a thinking pup”, gets along well with other dogs, cats, kids, is a warm, loving and would be a total lap dog if allowed. He is a good eater, does well on long car rides, loves his walks, hikes and is even a bit of an athlete!

I see some similarities here and I like it!!!! Wish me luck!

To be continued…

Foster’s Eve

Tonight is the calm before the storm! I am officially a foster mommy as of tomorrow at 6pm!! I get to pick up my poodle puppy tomorrow night! It’s interesting how I’m already in the parental mindset, knowing that my life is about to change. Making space in my living room for “all things puppy”, puppy proofing and figuring out his schedule and mine!!! Can’t wait to share pics and video this week.